What to expect from operatives and contractors

Our employees and contractors follow our code of conduct to make sure they give you a great service. They must complete their work professionally and without causing you any unnecessary disruption.

Before the works, we will:

  • Agree in advance the date and time of any home visits.
  • Write to you to explain what they’re planning to do and give you their contact details.
  • Arrange a visit before the works begin if necessary, to discuss the plans.
  • Let you know if they need to change an appointment, and re-book the appointment. 

During the works, operatives and contractors will:

  • Wear identification badges with their photograph.
  • Explain to you what they’re going to do.
  • Carry out all work in a safe and professional manner and follow health and safety regulations.
  • Treat your possessions with respect, including using suitable protection, such as dustsheets, to prevent dirt, dust or other damage.
  • Clear away all dust and rubbish from your home at the end of each day.
  • Make sure your home is secure at all times, and let you know if doors and windows have to be left open.

Our operatives and contractors won't:

  • Use radios or CD players.
  • Move any of your possessions without your permission.
  • Use anything in your home, including electricity, gas or water, without your permission.
  • Enter your home if only a child is present – if no adult over 18 is in the home, they'll have to cancel the appointment and you’ll have to re-book it.

In return we hope you will:

  • Keep appointments and allow us to enter your home.
  • Let us know if you can’t make an appointment.
  • Be ready for the work to be carried out in your home, including moving anything that may get in the way of the work.
  • Be considerate towards our employees and contractors.

After the work is completed:

  • We’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with the work, and leave the area clean and tidy.
  • If it’s not possible to complete the work, we’ll make sure the property is safe and arrange a new date to finish it.

If you're unhappy with anything our employees or contractors do or say please contact us.