Getting ready for your appointment

If you're registered on MySovereign, you can login to check your repairs appointments.

If you can’t make your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible (or call us on 0300 5000 926 if your appointment's today or tomorrow), so that we can re-book it and give the slot to someone else.


Preparing for your appointment

  • Please make sure someone over the age of 18 is in your property the whole time we’re there – as we can’t be in your property unsupervised.
  • Please clear the area in and around the repair – if this is under laminate flooring you've laid, you’ll need to remove it before we arrive.
  • If we're coming for a gas or electric appointment, please make sure you have money in the meter, as we'll need to run the appliances to check them.

Checking the identity of visitors

It’s really important you check the identity of anyone you let into your home. That’s why all our employees and contractors carry official identity cards, which includes their photograph. If you’re at all concerned about letting anyone in who claims to be from Sovereign, please ask to see their identity card. If they don’t have a card, or you’re worried, don't let them into your home. Call us on 0300 5000 926 and we’ll be happy to confirm if someone from Sovereign was due to call. Genuine callers are always happy to wait for you to check.


Letting us in

By signing your tenancy agreement you’ve agreed to allow us into your home to make essential repairs and for inspections, including your annual gas safety check. If you repeatedly refuse to give us access to your property, we'll apply for a court order to do so, and you could even lose your home. Please don’t let it get to this stage. If you have any concerns contact us as soon as possible and we can talk through any concerns you may have.


On our best behaviour

We expect all our employees and contractors to follow our code of conduct. They must complete their work professionally and without causing any unnecessary disruption. If you're unhappy with anything they do or say please contact us.