Can I alter or improve my home?

You must get our written permission before you make alterations or improvements to your home, if these are not routine decoration and improvements.

Your lease will confirm if we can grant for certain alterations or improvements – please check your lease before contacting us as fees will apply when processing any requests we receive. Where your lease allows us to grant consent, we won’t unreasonably refuse to give you our permission.

For example, you need to contact us if you plan to:

  • build a conservatory or extension; or
  • change the heating, electrics, windows or outside of the building (including painting your front door).

You may also need to get planning permission or building regulations approval before you make any changes, and there may be extra rules if you live in a conservation area. These changes include adding a structure to your house, such as a conservatory or an extension.

Before we give our permission, we will need to see copies of any letters you receive from your local council giving you permission, or saying that you do not need approval.

If you live in a flat, please contact us before you fit a wooden or laminate floor, as there may be restrictions to make sure this doesn’t cause a noise problem for your neighbours.

You may also need planning permission if you would like to fit a satellite dish to a block of flats (this also applies to houses).