Our Sovereign Communities groups provide a structured place for local conversations and feedback.

As part of our community action approach, residents get involved with larger community and estate projects in their area. We support them with training to develop their skills and create sustainable projects. 

Local residents can also provide us with feedback to support our business-wide Scrutiny Coordination Group.

Our first group was set up in the Isle of Wight, with more groups launching in the New Year.

Below, you can find information on who our groups are and what they’re doing. More information will be added as our groups grow.

Nelson Road Playpark Group, Newport, Isle of Wight

This group is working to improve their area – in particular, the play park, which has been well used but is now tired, and the equipment in need of regeneration. 

The group, made up of Sovereign residents and other local people, wants to improve safety and reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour in and around the park. They’re looking at improving CCTV facilities, requesting speed restrictions on the surrounding roads and prohibiting dog walking and fouling. 

They also want to bring back community events, which used to be held in the park, so that the space can again become a focus point for the community.