Sovereign Housing

We need your help

We want residents’ voices to be at the heart of our business.

As a volunteer Scrutineer, you’ll be working with our resident-led Scrutiny Coordination Group, which schedules reviews to make sure we’re providing quality services and a good customer experience.

 Your findings will be shared with Sovereign and used to suggest changes.


Get involved how you want, when you want

There are lot of ways to volunteer to take part in a review, including:

  • Speaking to members of staff about their work
  • Reading and evaluating documents 
  • Talking to other residents about their experiences of our services

  • Helping to develop customer surveys and analysing the results 

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Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to let you know what happens next.

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The information you provide on this form will be kept secure and only accessed by relevant employees and members of the Scrutiny Coordination Group (SCG), who will be helping to choose Scrutineers. Sovereign will use your information for business reporting so it can keep track of applications and assess whether promotion for Scrutineer recruitment was effective. When the recruitment process for Scrutineers has been completed, the information you've submitted on this form will be deleted.
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