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The Foyer for the Island

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What is the service?

The Foyer for the Island in Ryde, Isle of Wight, offers 45 ensuite rooms in nine groups of flats with shared kitchens.  Other smaller units of accommodation in Ryde and Newport provide individual rooms with shared facilities and on- site staff and support.

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Application criteria

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What the Foyer means to me

The Foyer provided me with a home when I had difficulties living with my family and had nowhere else to go. It helped me stay on track with my education with the support from staff.

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What the Foyer means to me

I was homeless when I applied to the Foyer and not in a very good place. I learnt a lot during my stay at the Foyer. If it wasn’t for the Foyer I would probably not be here today!

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What the Foyer means to me

I lived at the Foyer for two years. This project is a great way of learning to be independent, helps you live in the real world and encourages you to be yourself and have fun in a safe way. 

Accommodation and support

The service provides safe and secure accommodation for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and gives individual support, advice and guidance.

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Each young person who enters the service will have a named Support Worker who will create a personal development plan focused on the individual needs of that young person.

The service aims to support all young people to be healthy, happy and develop independent and thriving lives. This will be through participation in support sessions, workshops, training, education and employment.

This accommodation will be provided in partnership with Southern Housing Group and will offer young people a choice between the Foyer for the Island and a number of smaller units of accommodation. 

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Holly lived at the Foyer for just over 18 months and was always actively involved in Foyer life. During her time with us she made new friends, improved her teamwork and communication skills and improved her self confidence.