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If we have a garage available in your preferred area, we'll send you a tenancy offer. If we don't hear back from you within two working days of making an offer, your application will be cancelled.  If we don't have a garage available, we'll put your details on a waiting list.
DATA PRIVACY STATEMENT - Under the Data Protection Act 1998, Sovereign Housing Association Limited including its subsidiaries (together 'Sovereign') may share your information with other housing associations, housing providers, Government agencies and other third parties to provide housing, to manage properties, to handle claims and to prevent fraud. We may pass data about your payment record with Sovereign to Experian or other credit referencing agencies. This will enable them to assist other organisations to assess your financial standing if you apply for products and services.  Experian may also use the details supplied to them in the future to assist other landlords and organisations to:  1. Assess and manage any new tenancy agreements you may enter into;  2. Assess your financial standing to provide you with suitable products and services;  3. Manage any accounts that you may already hold, for example reviewing suitable products or adjusting your current product in light of your current circumstances;  4. Contact you in relation to any accounts you may have and recovering debts that you may owe;  5. Verify your identity and address to help them make decisions about services they offer; and   6. Help prevent crime, fraud and money laundering.  Your details will be used for these purposes if you proceed to enter into a tenancy agreement with us.  In addition your photograph will be taken and stored for the purposes set out above. This will be kept with your records for the period of your tenancy with Sovereign.
DECLARATION - I've read and understood the above and know that the information I've given will be checked. I confirm that the details I've given are correct and accept that if I've given false information, my garage tenancy will be ended. I understand Sovereign can't guarantee that its garages are waterproof and can't accept any responsibility for damage if my items get wet. I know it's my responsibility to arrange contents insurance. I understand if I owe Sovereign money my garage application won't be considered until it's paid off. I understand that I'll need to pay 4 weeks of garage rent in advance if I'm offered a tenancy.
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