More homes, better places

More homes, better places

We’re already one of the largest housing developers in the country, but we want to do more, build more and create more great places to live. Last year we invested more than £368m in building 1,773 homes, 96% of which were affordable.

And we began to implement our new development strategy – one that says that despite the uncertain economic climate we will regularly deliver more homes per year than we have ever done previously – building an average of just under 2,000 per year over the next five years.

During this time, we’ll move to ensure that our homes are sustainable in the long term: environmentally, economically, aesthetically and socially.

We’re increasing the land-led element of our programme, while still winning and delivering section 106 sites, broadening the range of organisations we work with and changing our relationships with others, to deliver in a different way.

We want to make a real difference and, rather than simply chasing a bigger share of the existing market, we want to increase the number of homes the market produces, making sure that homes are delivered as quickly as possible. We’re using our financial strength and range of tenures to unlock sites which otherwise would not come to market or where development might stall.

We’ll continue to deliver good quality homes under section 106 agreements, but we’ll take on more land-led schemes, either on our own sites or working with partners to share resources and manage risk.

It’s important to us to think carefully about the design and the environmental stability of the places that we create and the neighbourhoods where we have strong connections.

By offering the widest range of flexible housing options, from rented homes through to homeownership, we’re providing a place for the largest variety of people to meet their ever-changing needs.