A leading landlord

We want to understand every one of our customers and the communities where they live, which is why we’re designing our services around the individual and co-creating a new Sovereign Home and Place standard that will meet the needs of older and younger generations alike.

We’ve also pledged to provide an excellent customer experience through listening to our customers and investment in our IT systems, as well as delivering on community investment.

Having a home to call your own is a basic human right and providing safe, secure, well-maintained homes to our current and future customers is something we feel passionately about.

We’ve set aside £3m in 2020‑21, increasing to £6m a year to keep on improving the standard of our homes when new people move in.

And turning round homes ready for new occupants took just 19 days in the hands of our skilled tradespeople, maintaining occupancy levels above 99%.

We’re listening to our customers and their feedback is important. Of the services that matter most to our customers, 90% were satisfied with our repairs service and we were awarded 81% customer satisfaction overall as a landlord. Disappointingly, only 56% were satisfied with how their complaints were managed, so we’re taking a good look at a co-created service re-design, following a resident-led scrutiny.

Our Resident and Board Partnership and Scrutiny Coordination Group work with our Board offering more than 300 hours of their time in 2019-20 to review and improve our services.

They conducted three extremely thorough scrutinies – on lettings, repeat repairs and why people choose to turn down upgrades to their kitchens and bathrooms, coming up with challenging action plans to help us improve.