Wefare reform

Budget 2015 and the Right to Buy

On 8 July the Chancellor George Osborne delivered his first Budget under a majority Conservative government.

This section explains what was announced in the Budget 2015, as well as the planned extension to the Right to Buy, and what it means for housing associations, their residents and their partners.

The government is committed to tackling the national debt by reducing public spending, in particular cutting the benefit bill by £12bn. Because they committed to protecting benefits to the elderly – including pensions – they have looked to other benefits to find substantial savings.

And it’s not just residents and housing associations that are being affected. The government is keen to make all organisations that provide public services more efficient. Public sector organisations, local authorities and institutions like the BBC are also being challenged to do more for less.

These pages will be updated as more information becomes available.   

What was announced?

What does it mean for residents?

What does it mean for Sovereign?

What does it mean for our partners?

What happens next?