Case study - Harry

Harry Eagles

I worked in retail before I came to Sovereign. It was just a job, not a career like I have now. I had a friend who worked at Sovereign and he told me how much he enjoyed it, so I applied for the adult learner apprenticeship. I convinced the interviewers to take me on by showing them work I’d done in my own home. 

In the last year I’ve started college, done entire bathroom installs myself and been involved with the kitchen renovations too. We have to rip out the kitchen and then come in and fix up all the pipework, the hot and cold feeds and waste pipes. Then once the units are fitted we connect it all up – it’s all new to me! 

I’ve been going around with a great mentor – he really knows his stuff. He’s been particularly good at teaching me how to work on different kinds of heating system – you need special training to fit some of the models.

I’m really enjoying the job, it’s so much better than what I was doing before. I’d go so far as to say I love going to work in the morning. Even my fiancée and my kids would tell you how different I am. 

My favourite part is fault finding, you’ve got to use your mind and practical skills. I went on one job where there was water coming through the ceiling and we had to cut the floor above to try and find the source of the leak. We tried using cameras, but eventually it was my colleague that spotted a tiny crack, caused by the pipe rubbing against the floor. It must have been going on for years, just a result of wear and tear. It was very satisfying to find it and fix it.