Case study - Alex, gas engineer

Alex Leaning

Former stonemason Alex, 27, knew that he wanted a career for life. 

“I started my apprenticeship because I wanted more. I was working as a stonemason, doing well, but I’d already gone as far as I could go without moving into management type roles. I’ve always been practical and good with my hands, so I started searching around for new options. 

“Being an apprentice is not always easy. In the first year you only earn £8k per annum. That isn’t a lot, so you do have to plan if you’re paying rent or bills. It’s not a quick fix if you need to make money straight off. But it’s worth it in the long term. I was lucky, in that I’ve been able to live at home and my mum has given me a lot of support, but now here I am, fully qualified, with four years’ experience under my belt. 

“I think the Sovereign apprenticeship programme is fantastic. If you’re thinking about your future and are willing to put in some work, I would highly recommend it. I feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that I am helping to keep people safe and I am bringing properties up to scratch that might previously have been neglected. Families in need will live in the homes that I am fixing up. It feels good to be part of that.”