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To fix the housing crisis, housing must be central to the nation’s infrastructure

With the launch of the manifestos however, housing has perhaps gained a “walk-on part” in an election campaign...

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Mark Washer

What’s the future for rural affordable housing?

Though Sovereign is one of the largest housing associations in the country and we work in some of the largest conurbations, a large and important number...

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Tom Titherington 32x32
Tom Titherington

Creating the future for our older people’s service

Our schemes also have communal facilities. These allow residents the chance to interact with other people from both the scheme and local area...

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Creating the future for our older people’s service
Zoe gomes
Zoe Gomes

Making a stand against domestic abuse

As part of my role in housing services, I lead Sovereign’s Domestic Abuse Working Group, managing changes within the business to support those affected...

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Ali Pearce 25x25
Ali Pearce

Preparing to move to UC

Two million people are now living on Universal Credit, with a pilot set to start on 17 July in Harrogate, Yorkshire, to test a new approach to switching people...

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Preparing to move to UC
Laurinda Hornblow

Do as I say...

Back in the day, I think it was probably fair to say that the landlord-tenant relationship ran along paternalistic, perhaps even dictatorial lines...

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Kate Rees

This carpenter can

It’s been nearly twelve months since I started this apprenticeship, but if you’d told me last year that I’d feel so confident and comfortable as a carpenter...

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Kimmie Wheatland

Getting warmer… creating a healthy recipe for SAP C homes

At Sovereign, we’re looking at the standard of all our homes. But we’re not just looking at the issues we’re facing today, rather we’re taking a long-term view...

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Jesse Meek