Supporting your community

Careers and aspiration - supporting schools in our communities

Sovereign provides community funding through The Good Exchange, which is a platform that brings multiple funders together.

Our work with schools and colleges

Our aim is to improve social mobility for disadvantaged children, young people and adults within our communities.

We know schools and colleges already play a key part in this and we’ve been successfully partnering with educators in our communities to offer even more.

How we can support you

We use our skills and expertise within the supply chain to support careers and aspiration.

Schools are intimately linked with communities. They serve as centres of learning and they connect neighbours with one another. This is why Sovereign works directly with local education providers to offer the support they need.

  • Educational attainment
  • Careers and aspiration
  • Parental engagement
  • Building the school community

We can work with you to boost what you already do or support new initiatives to benefit the school community.

Examples of programmes and funding that could be available to you

Projects and details

  • Supported schools programme - Supporting school leadership teams, raising attendance, raising attainment, improving parental engagement, bolstering SEN support
  • Programmes to raise attainment levels - Targeted work, including cohort catch up projects
  • Careers Strategy / Primary Futures - Funding towards enhanced provision, careers and enterprise days and inspirational talks
  • Enrichment initiatives - Projects that inspire and stretch students’ ambitions
  • Student’s bridging fund - For schools to support individual students or groups - school starter packs, school trip support, extra-curricular resources
  • Digital resources -  Funding towards established or new initiatives
  • Extra-curricular clubs - Funding to establish or bolster this provision
  • Transition and school ready programmes - Funding for transition events
  • Family engagement - Funding for schools to create parent ‘drop ins’ for parental and family engagement
  • Parenting support programme - Funding towards parenting programmes, workshops or resources
  • Community projects - Projects that build relationships between schools and their communities.

Testimonial - Larkmead School, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

“Sovereign Housing Association has a clear sense of community responsibility. It is rare for a local organisation to approach us with a plan to improve our community but this is exactly what they did. There is a clear need within the community to increase opportunities for education, skills and training and with Sovereign Housing Association’s support that is exactly what we are doing.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chris Harris - Headteacher

Want to find out more?

Your local Sovereign Communities Officer would be more than happy to come and discuss how we can tailor these opportunities for your students and communities.

We’d love to discuss what you’re already doing and either enhance it, or add to it. All we ask is that any work we fund is targeted towards students who live in our postcode areas.