Case study - How the key to a home became the key to happiness and success 

When Angela and her son got their Sovereign home in Bristol they had been homeless for 15 months and three weeks. Angela found out that their bid for the house had been successful when she was in the office of homelessness charity, Shelter.

"I got a phone message from Claire from Sovereign – I replayed it about ten times. It was like the shining light at the end of the tunnel. She was my little guardian angel," said Angela. The most challenging time of their lives had finally come to an end.

Before this, they had been bidding for a place of their own on Home Choice after losing their private-rented house.  

Angela and her son were what she calls inbetweeners. "We were homeless but we weren't on the streets, no one knew that we were homeless. We were sofa surfers, we were in-between. People don't see you as physically homeless – we're the numbers that are just left there hanging."

The pair got the keys to their own home in December 2016. "It was amazing! My friends helped me get all my stuff in. At first I was a little bit reluctant to decorate because in the back of your head you think that it could happen again. But Trina and Gez have highly recommended that I go forward for my five-year tenancy."

Gez is Angela’s Employment and Training Officer. “Gez's intervention was amazing. I was offered the Goals course. I would say that everyone who signs up needs to do that course. It gives you a boost, it highlights what you can do, it highlights the fact that you can achieve these things."

She continued: "I decided to start a cleaning company. Gez said 'do you think it's going to work?' and I said 'yes, I'll make it work' and I have."

Angela has been running Sunshine Eco Clean since June and she has successfully secured regular work, and has plans to expand the business too.

"My whole experience of Sovereign has been absolutely amazing. I couldn't have wished for a better housing association. Sovereign has helped me with the physical element, getting my house, helped me with education and getting back on my feet, and I feel like there will be continual assistance if I need it."

Gez added: "Working with Angela has been a really positive experience for me. Angela had everything she needed to be a success, I simply helped her realise that."



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