Case study - Finding the balance between childcare and employment

Sam Shore and family

Single parent Sam has two children of her own but also works full time for an educational support charity helping children with learning difficulties to succeed in school. She is confident and passionate about her work at Macintyre, but she hasn’t always felt this way. Just a short time ago she was struggling to juggle home and work responsibilities.

She said: “I was working in care part time but found it difficult to find childcare when working during the holidays. I started to think about looking for something else, but I didn’t want to quit until I’d thought carefully about what that ‘something else’ might be. I went along to the employment and training service sessions run by Sovereign to get some advice and help in looking for a change of career.

“I met with Gez, an employment and training officer, and he helped so much by talking me through my past work history and showing me how to link that with what I wanted to do in the future. He also offered lots of interview techniques and possible questions and went through job applications and other opportunities for training with me. On top of this personal support, he also managed to secure funding so that I was able to get a laptop.

“This means I can work flexibly from home when I need to, which is great, both for family life and because the charity I work for is not office-based. This has helped massively and I’m really grateful for the help and support I've received.”


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