Update: Fire safety review

Date: 12 July 2017

The disaster at Grenfell Tower in London shocked and moved us all, and was a stark reminder of the enormous responsibility we hold as a landlord. 

As with all disasters, the strength of a community comes to the fore. Many employees asked to help, and we offered temporary accommodation should it be needed to rehouse those people affected.

While Sovereign does not have any taller buildings with the type of cladding found on Grenfell Tower, we’ve been working hard to help and reassure our residents that we are continuing to keep them safe. 

We also undertook an extensive fire safety review of our homes.

We have a really strong safety culture and Sovereign only has a small number of buildings over six-storeys. The buildings meet all safety and fire regulations and we undertake rigorous fire risk assessments every year to make sure our supported schemes, flats and other communal areas remain safe. 

As part of our safety checks, we’ve also been working with local fire services to make sure our policies and safeguards are robust.

However, we know this has been a worrying time for our residents, and we’ve ensured housing officers have been on hand to reassure them that they are our main priority and to provide advice on how they can help to continue to keep our buildings fire safe.

We take fire safety incredibly seriously but if you have any concerns about your property please contact us online, or call us on 0800 988 4858 (if you live in Hampshire) or 0800 587 2325.

Press and PR contacts

If you have a media enquiry, please contact our press office on 01635 572222 (available 24/7) or drop us an email press.office@sovereign.org.uk and one of the team will be pleased to help you.

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