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A great landlord

A great landlord

We managed 3,433 relets last year in a record average time of 16.9 days (2017: 18.1 days), delivered in partnership between housing and property teams. As well as maximising the value of a property – our void loss was just 0.54% (2017: 0.62%) – it also means residents can move into their new homes more quickly.

We’re also transforming our property services, insourcing a range of activities and making the most of our skills in the Spectrum Property Care (SPC) and Sovereign Response teams.

In April 2017, Sovereign Response took over voids work in Hampshire and SPC started providing routine maintenance and gas servicing in Devon. Ultimately, we will provide all repairs, gas servicing and voids work to all our homes.

This means we can take responsibility for our work, providing a consistent service for residents, as well as bringing down costs. In total, insourcing work delivered in year savings of £637,000 in 2017/18. Our cost per unit for maintenance has fallen by £23 from £906 to £883, resulting in a net efficiency gain of £1.2m.  

Keeping costs down for our residents is a major part of what we do when it comes to the efficiency of our homes. In partnership with SGN gas networks, as part of their ‘Help to Heat’ initiative, we received £550,000 of funding to add to our own investment of £530,000 to fund gas supply connections and gas heating installations. We also received over £125,000 (2017: £100,000) of renewable heat incentive (RHI) income from government and earned £9,500 (2017: £12,000) from our solar panels.

We expect our current renewable installations to receive over £600,000 of income spread across the next five years and as part of our strategy, we’re setting ourselves an ambitious target to develop homes that can be run on just £10 a week.