A great customer experience

A great customer experience

A great customer experience

What our customers think is very important to us and we ask them regularly for their views. While we’re proud of these outcomes, we are not complacent and know we need to continue to strive to meet our customer’s expectations.

Our customer contact centre agents are trained to listen out for people who seem to be in distress, whether that’s because they’re struggling to pay the rent or because they need a repair completed urgently. Our agents then work to pass these calls to the right teams, making a difference to our residents’ lives. 

When times get tough, a combined effort from our specialist tenancy support advisors and employment and training officers means we can work with our residents to solve problems. We’re focusing our efforts on our priority communities to support people to get into education, work, or better work, as well as offering grants for laptops, licences and qualifications.

Last year, we saw 212 people move into new or different roles. This is on top of working with our suppliers to help them strengthen their social value within the housing sector by offering employment opportunities to our residents. By 2022, we plan to invest £3m annually in community development.

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This year, we also delivered an outstanding performance on rent arrears of just 1.78% on our 46,000 social and affordable rent properties compared with 1.93% last year. This is despite the increasing impact of the roll out of Universal Credit where arrears average 6.3% - in line with trends been seen across the country. We continue to work with residents and key stakeholders to minimise the impact of Universal Credit on our residents and on the business.