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Residents’ Council and Residents' Panels

Residents Council

Residents’ Council

To support and complement our Board, in October 2011 we set up a formal process to allow residents to scrutinise and challenge our work, making sure:

  • we have a local focus on service delivery
  • they can influence the setting of priorities
  • they champion improvements, and
  • they give a resident perspective

The Residents’ Council has 12 members, and its Chair attends our Board meetings as an observer.

Every eight weeks, the Residents' Council issue an e-newsletter (Residents' Voice) which provides an update on all their activities.

Residents' Panels

Our six Residents' Panels each work closely with one of our Regional Directors and local operational teams. They support the Residents’ Council by having a more ‘hands on’ experience of local services and issues.

One nominated member of each Residents' Panel sits on the Residents’ Council, which in turn has direct contact with our Board. A Board member also attends each of the panel meetings (as an observer, rather than a panel member).