Fire safety summary

Charles Darwin Road

Charles Darwin Road (flats 4-42)

(Unique Property Reference Number – 67706)

Contact details

Significant findings from Fire Risk Assessment

  1. Supply and fix a fire document information box
  2. A number of residents’ bulky items were found stored on the communal balcony walkways

How we are managing fire risk in the buildings

  1. A fire document information box has been fitted
  2. These have now been removed, and residents were reminded that storing combustible and bulky items presents a hazard

Building construction and external wall

Six storey block (parts of the building have lower blocks) of steel frame construction with stone on the ground floor and render outer wall.

Evacuation policy

Full evacuation

When the alarm sounds, get everyone in your flat out of the building using emergency fire exit routes and stairs.

Hampshire Fire And Rescue Service has also produced a useful leaflet about High Rise Living [adobe pdf / 2 MB].

Means of escape

The best escape route is usually the normal way in and out of your home. There is one route out of the block:

  • the stairwell that leads to the ground floor

Do not use the lift.

Local fire authority

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

 Routine inspections

The items below are inspected or serviced to maintain the fire safety of your building.



Frequency of inspection 

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)An FRA is an inspection of the common areas of the building to check that fire safety arrangements meet legal fire safety requirements. It also identifies what else we can do to prevent fire and keep residents safe. 
 LiftOne passenger lift.Serviced every month. Thorough inspection (LOLER) every six months
Communal electrics 
Communal electrical installations such as wiring, sockets and lights are inspected and tested regularly.Every five years 
Communal gas boilerDoes not apply – gas boilers in each home are serviced annually.Does not apply
Dry riserUsed by firefighters to deliver water to all levels of the building.Six monthly and annual servicing
Fire detection systemSuch as fire alarms and smoke detectors.Weekly testing and servicing every three months
Emergency lightingEmergency lighting (or escape lighting) lights up a safe exit route if the mains power fails. Programme of monthly and annual tests 
Automatic Open Vent (AOV)Smoke control ventilation system. Monthly tests
Other comments None.