Developing homes

Trafalgar Court, Theale

Sovereign Housing Association is one of the most active developers of all housing associations in the UK. We deliver around 1,600 new homes a year for a range of tenures - with plans to be building 1,900 new homes a year by 2022; making the most of our relationships with local authorities and our ability to build successful and sustainable partnerships with house-builders.

We oversee one of the largest development programmes in the affordable housing sector in the South of England, and have a 30 year track record of delivery of new-build, conversion and renovation.

Our independence and organisational strength allows us to build the right mix of traditional social housing and commercial tenures to meet local need.

We see joint ventures as a way to use our financial strength and assets creatively, and to work together with partners in a way that delivers a positive outcome for everyone.

Read our latest Development Strategy document.

Home ownership

Our Home Ownership division manages the sales and marketing process for all of our shared ownership and market rented homes.

More information can be seen at www.sovereignliving.org.uk

Commercial development

Our Commercial team is tasked with exploring and securing the opportunities that ultimately help drive our build programme forward. By acquiring commercial (and particularly PRS) schemes we are able to offer a high quality housing choice in our localities, and generate further borrowing and profit potential to be reinvested in affordable homes where they’re needed most.

Through our financial stability and a long history of successful partnerships we are able to offer building owners and construction partners the security to ensure a scheme is allowed to progress, and our commitment to leasehold management ensures long-term success.

Find out more about our Commercial Development team.

Strategic asset management

We know the value of all our assets - not just their actual and potential financial value, but also their strategic importance to the business. We also need to understand how much an asset will contribute throughout its useful life, taking into account factors including its age, location and how much it costs to maintain. Redeveloping or repurposing our assets can often provide additional income, as well as new homes that meet the changing needs of our residents and localities.